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“did you love this world? and did this world not love you..?”

did you love this world?
and did this world not love you..?

do you love this whirled?
and does this whirled not love you..?

did you love this hoard?
and did this hoard not love you..?

do you love this word?
and does this word not love you..?

can you love this world?
and can this world not love you..?

can you?
and can they cannot..?

would you?
and would they not..?

will you?
and will they not..?

will you love this world?
will this world not love you..?

you can
and they can

if we don’t give in

He’s Simple, He’s Dumb, He’s the Pilot


I don’t know

I don’t know what to make of it. Why unannounced, why they would risk such a trip (obviously nervous or they would not have came in a pair with each vessel designed for completely different purpose, as if worried that when one failed to arrive and leave safely, then the other would be able to for exact reason the first could not)
I just don’t know. Usually when they arrive they are so stealth (I don’t know until they arrive, accept for that they are expected, this time they were not) They did not descend straight down with a shrinking twinkle to only be visible as a stationary star. I understood it was urgent, quick contact which I could not make sense of. Somehow slightly re-assured but I do not know why. They got the info they came to get (which was exactly as they suspected and did little to ease their nerves)
The only thing a do know is they are nervous (in there exit they did not directly ascend with a growing twinkle to appear as nothing more than a stationary star) Their exit was deliberate, stacked like two pieces of the tail of one of the dippers. As the emergency convoy of two made their leave, because of the horizon they appeared to sink in the sky (so their message to those waiting for the answer would be known before they could confirm in person with the details)
Their sense of anxiety makes me nervous, making no sense what so ever is hard for me to accept (though it was good to see a friend)
-July 10, 2010 @ 11:11 in the pm
?!11!? I wish that I could friend