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Violet: A Candy Red Shadow

She was explaining that she wrote the words with an H so that I could know how it really sounded when I called her name out loud. An H on the English tongue is the closest sounding letter to the Dutch tongued G…

that is only tongued that way by Jews, Dutch, and Islamic language

“then they are who I will seek to teach me keys in Dutch… and maybe Romanian” I answered

I have a very capable tongue that works in complete synchronicity with my lips. Me teeth are all in place (except for one wisdom tooth removed due to excruciating pain) besides that they are straight and I do not have a single cavity, not even a filling to cover one.

I understand the importance of breathing and it is in it’s passage through and placement of those 3 previously mentioned bodies that makes a sound audible (golden liable)

while the teeth are more or less permanently fixed the placement and position of the lips and tongue (which are dynamic in the positions they are able to take) determine the shape of the sound (or note) made while the wind of breath determines the key.

my mouth and breath sing many songs that I wish could be to find a set of locks to attempt the impassable impossible (to move a vessel through a route blocked by L & D through a series gates otherwise known as locks that are filled then emptied and in doing so enables the impossible to cum to pass: a ship that travels to a place of higher elevation traveling on a plane that remains in flat and yet you feel carried there from sharp)

accomplished by things that float, high strong walls, and the process of emptying and filling