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Words that Giveaway

written words has it’s own unique voice, I am not talking about the voice that a reader hears when reading words for avatars of big busted blondes in G-strings or however else a reader may be influenced by the tone of voice and amount of sex or despair. Not having anything to do with the extent of the intent of written word.

I am writing to you about the voice of written word.

the voice when it speaks

I am writing to you about the voice of written word

the voice when it speaks

and starting from the origin, parsed to the basics, the way we know sound, there are a couple of timed out paces in this walk. The beats used in the word’s gait, in the way it stops or the way it runs. Steady humms:all characters written with letters of equal thickness
increasing tempo or frequency going from thick to thin to thick (wmk ili wmk) [nonsense three character sequence to try to show long/thick to short/thin to long/thick] to show the pace of the words voice.

the voice when the word, the written word speaks, by itself without the bias of having a reader voice it to themselves. So it’s semi-paradoxical, as it’s written words that have to be heard,

so to the readers, it requires an alternate form of reading, you must listen to the words, to hear the speak

it is different from reading, completely different, it may be inherent but it still takes practice, which in doing so you must be careful of picking up bad listening habits.

like bias, ending the process of hearing, due to false old beliefs. Old ways of hearing and seeing things that were socially acceptable and as a result were wrongly put into practice.

when the written word is true, caring word that comes from compassion and love and healing often really sinks in only when you hear it, only when you listen.

the benefits are not felt completely, and as a result not effectively when they are read.

when you are holding a book of loving words, that you know is good spell, take off your hot pads. There is no need to prevent the energy form penetrating you. The good word, the gospel you should hear from the words, the written language, and not read by a preacher whom the word has not penetrated. Which is evident by when their voice is not of love and inclusion.

By far the best way to know, to know by hearing the voice of the written word of love, is to let it’s voice itself penetrate you, and not the voice of another (even if it is the voice of a person who heard)

Love is like the motion, like the part of the wind you cannot hold, but can be experienced by letting it come into your heart. The walls we have all built around our hearts, was built to protect from the harsh, cold, uncaring things that are NOT love and may have been necessary to continue on, but there is no point in continuing on indefinitely if we refuse to recognize LOVE when it asks permission to enter your heart, to awaken you. Love will bring life to your lives and allow you to truly live, loving, caring and sharing.

so if nothing else, practice recognizing love, so that when you hold it’s words if they show up in written form. Because you will need to take off the oven mitts to really feel love’s warmth and healing powers. When you know it’s love you do not want to read it, you will want to hear it and you will know it is true.

you will know it is true because it will let the words speak to you, unbiased and then you will hear the truth.

and every time you see the words, the gospel, you will know without a doubt, because they will be words the you can hear, when you can hear, you will be able to read the word like music.

the words will be tones, notes, pauses that are beats and the words will sometimes be in different tempos. But there will be no interpretation necessary, because the words will be written to be heard like music.

Once you can hear the truth of the words, feel free to write your own, your own loving words that will be true.


~~~dusty 5/9/2011 four minutes before O-nine

  1. I never thought of it that way, well put!

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