written word speaking

Their Common Link
better described as uncommon

Have you ever thought about why certain author’s works appeal to you or what to you defines a really good author. What writers can speak to you through written words in ways that reading, becomes more like listening, becomes more like pitchers of pictures and thoughts can be simply poured into your head as effortlessly as pouring a glass of el agua.

the liquid language…

have you honestly ever researched ways of passing messages via complete subversion. Although that term doesn’t really fit because it’s really more like a telepathy (makes me wonder about the “path” that is rooted in that word, cause it can easily be a sickness, this tele-thingy)

Have you ever noticed a common like or thread, that it seems all great writers have?

When I read someone who can write, not just write well, but really communicate with written words. I mean REALLY COMMUNICATE.

those writers can literally write in a manner that those who listen, can hear the writers voice (as in spoken word)

but it isn’t really an accurate term (spoken word) to describe what the reader is hearing. Closer to what the writer is able to do with a reader that is willing to listen, is communicate.

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