Sunday September 12, 2010

g-r-a-d-u-a-l ship shift rolling true to light
most if not all who witness the sunset or raise
from bed and early rise to witness the trickling bent rays
one step up at a time till our side of the vessel is flooded with light

no  longer  weighted  down  by  a  lower level  of current movement in our see
in-or-on our side of the gas-e-ous ocean of off ten  blue-ish  sea of a  shy we name the sky

a  gradual shift ship  carrying us from  darkness  to higher energy   in our Gracious lightening grey light
flooding from  pale  buckets of yel-low to slow cook beautiful full visually audible pulsating white light bright  light

~~~dusty 9/12/2010 was the day  I wrote the words above

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