FHHHHEEEAAAAAUUUUUIIIIIIP!!!!! (pay no attention to that buzzing sound soon to be heard)

Throw The STring

Que-the-ing and be quick about it, the ship is going to come about


For lunch I had a ham and cheese sandwich. It was an in and on extra-ordinary sandwich that really made the Hg rise as if it were to burst out the top, free from the thermometer, shot out like a cannon. And the IIg (the second spirit) seemed to expect this and the ground work pre-paired. I ordered my singi ja juustuga with lettuce, tomato and condiments, specifically mayonaise- and regular-mustard from two distinct time periods. The former from 1816 from a corner market on the corner of Elm and Oak (or Fifth and Ivy or something like that) and the latter less older from century twenty and none.

Very few people that I could verify were born in the year 1816 (The Year Without a Summer) who did not cross over until the twentieth century. There was and is something special about those people, people like Mary Lucinda Bonney.

in regards to the title: it’s more like a whistle, not really a hiss 





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